Keylogger Killer

Keylogger Killer 1.5

Keylogger Killer is a tool to remove malicious keylogger applications

If you want to protect your privacy and don't want anybody to spy on what you are doing on your computer, then you should download Keylogger Killer. The program is a tiny utility that scans your system for running Keyloggers. Those are malicious worms that record everything you type on your keyboard and store it in a local or a remote file; some keyloggers are also capable of sending all what you type to its creator which can disclose your passwords, Credit Card information, chat conversations, Browsing history and many personal secrets. Keylogger Killer automatically scan all running processes within seconds and returns a list of all applications that are recording your keyboard strokes, so you can disable or enable any one of them easily though just one click. The program has an option for disabling or enabling automatic startup of itself with windows. One interesting feature that is not found in many complete anti-virus/anti-spyware programs is that it doesn't depend on scanning all your files one by one to detect whether they are known keyloggers according to a certain character, but it smartly checks the system's API calls to detect what applications that are currentlly listening on your keyboard could possibly be keyloggers, This great features makes this program able to detect even the new unrecognized keyloggers or those which are modified by hex editing to fool anti-virus/anti-spyware programs.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Small in size only few KB
  • Simple, fast and easy


  • False positive results
  • Requires a reboot for each modification
  • Doesn't allow killing of the malicious process
  • Doesn't allow disinfecting/removal of the infected programs
  • Expires after 15 days
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